I’m Ellen Lin, the founder of Ellenpro. I live in Los Angeles and I’m a Taiwanese American. I know I look a bit young to be convincing, I’m actually 35-year-old, and I co-founded my business selling online since I was 29 (Back in 2011).

If you want to start your first entrepreneurship in e-commerce and not exactly sure what to do, or if you are an online store owner who is struggling to boost up your sales, you will love the sales techniques I offer. In my weekly newsletters, I’ll show you why e-commerce is one the quickest ways to make money, how to find your niche products to sell, and how to boost your sales number to 6 or 7-figure. I will reveal EXACTLY how I built a million dollar e-commerce business from $600 in 4 years.

The only shortcut to success is to study the people who made it. You deserve to design your own lifestyle. Dream big and I’ll show you how to get there.

At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. THAT’S THE WORLD’S GREATEST LIE

– Paulo Coelho

Career Background

Before I stepped into the e-commerce world, I was in the game development industry. I loved video games since I was little, I was very passionate and satisfied with my $47,000 salary as an Environment Artist making AAA title games. I was only 25, I thought $47,000 was a lot of money. And it was my dream job because I got to create video games the way I wanted. The position was very competitive, I considered myself very lucky to be able to land the gig.

But 9-5 job is repetitive. I got bored and lost my passion after 2 years. I no longer loved video games because it became a job for me. In 2009, the studio laid off almost everyone when the economy crashed, including myself. At the time, my father’s wholesale business was also in a very bad shape and he wanted me to help him out. I decided to help him while I was waiting for my next interviews with other game studios as I had no interest in business at all. At that time, I was also teaching 3D Modeling in a local art school on the weekends. However, the wholesale business doesn’t seem to get any better. In 2011, we decided to turn this disadvantage into an advantage- We started selling online from our garage with our first batch of inventory which costed us $600. I had no e-commerce background and no business knowledge at that time. After 4 years, we became a million dollar business. As of 2016, we have a 9,200 square feet warehouse in California. AND MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED….

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